Make Your Computer Work For You!

FavaWorks provides Desktop Support and Web Design Services to the Auburn and Sacramento areas and communities between.

Our Expertise

Desktop Support

We diagnose and address computer anomalies, make repairs and upgrades, remove malware, and provide imaging services.


We will help you get web hosting and domain services, install WordPress, your preferred theme, plugins and design and implement your web presence.


"Favaworks has setup our network, restored and repaired donated computers and laptops (8). They also built our website and maintained it. We operate a youth center which means our kids put high maintenance on keeping our equipment up & working. We highly recommend Favaworks!"
"David is my computer "guru". From setting up my web site, to helping me pick the best computer for my business needs, to setting up my new computer, syncing, etc. Also my emergency "go to" guy."
Trish C
"Very professional, worked for almost 2 hours on my computer. Unfortunately the problem was not able to be fixed in the way that I wanted, but he did provide me with an alternative. I really appreciate David's help and that he didn't charge me. Would recommend to anyone who has a problem with a computer!"
Alex W
We perform our work with integrity and focus on the concerns of our clients. We offer competitive prices for our work. The customer's satisfaction is our priority. We value our commitment to service and our willingness to be solution-oriented.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is software designed for everyone, emphasizing accessibility, performance, security, and ease of use. We believe great software should work with minimum set up, so

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