Desktop Support

We diagnose and address computer anomalies, make repairs and upgrades, remove malware, and provide imaging services.


We will help you get web hosting and domain services, install WordPress, an appropriate theme, plugins and design & implement your web presence.

Making Your Computer Work for You!

Since 1998, FavaWorks has been supporting our clients by addressing their computer anomalies and creating web presences to promote their businesses.

The most common occurrence at FavaWorks is a client that has purchased a new computer and wants to transfer their data from one system to another.

As owner of Favaworks, I have been in the field since 1982. As a former State employee working on large data center help desks, I am very able to assist you with your technology issues. Call us for a free quote (916-628-5465).

How can we make your computer work for you?

David Fava