How to Obtain a Web Presence

To create an effective website, you need to have a passion about your products and/or services and seek out the resources necessary to promote and market them.

  • Using creativity, determine a domain name and extension. Keep it short. We use FAVAWORKS.COM. If you are an organization, consider a .org extension.
  • Find a web hosting company that provides the technology resources you need as well as qualified technical support, preferably 24/7.
  • Determine a resource for the design project – we recommend WordPress and Elementor Pro
  • Storyboard and decide on a design that best illustrates your products or services to the web audience
    • Decide on a responsive design
    • Create an effective header & footer
    • Create an appropriate navigation menu
    • Create at minimum, an effective “home”, “about us”, and “contact us” page
    • Create and promote a blog post page with at least 6 blog posts
    • Create a page or pages that best promote your products and services
  • Create social media accounts to compliment your web presence and create links to the website – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.
  • When designing the web site, use SEO (search engine optimization) attributes – keyword, description, title, meta tags, etc.
  • Create a Google account and take advantage of Google’s Analytics for tracking your web audience
  • Create a blog post frequently and promote it – seek interactive responses


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