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  • Desktop Support

FavaWorks clients have computers and laptops that have a number of anomalies that prevent these devices from working optimally. It may be a faulty configuration, attack of malware of some kind, or a recent upgrade that was applied that is inappropriate for their particular device. Perhaps some hardware or software malfunction is present where a critical part needs to be replaced or a software fix applied. In some cases, a complete re-imaging is necessary. To prevent loss of information, certain data recovery techniques may be necessary so a client does not lose critical data, pictures, videos, documents, etc. FavaWorks has this kind of experience. Our rates start as low as $60 an hour.

  • Network Support

FavaWorks provides support for small networks. This usually involves connectivity to a broadband or DSL router and a connection to a wireless router. Once a broadband router is connected and attached to a wireless router, the client will be able to access the internet once their computer or other device is communicating with these devices. The initial setup of the small network connection is established, key configurations are necessary to provide speed and efficiency as well as the necessary security to prevent unwanted intrusion into this network. Setting up your wireless network in a strategic area for signal optimization is a critical part of this process. Our rates start as low as $60 an hour.

  • Web Designs

FavaWorks assists clients in establishing a domain and web hosting service, email setup, and installation of a web design package, primarily a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress. This involves the installation of the software and back-end access to the web product. Our web design projects are responsive so they can be seen on any available device including tablet, phone, desktop or laptop. Attention is given to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in development so that the web presence will attract the appropriate attention. Use of social media widgets will ensure your audience will have exposure to your social media content. Call us for a quote and lets get started!

We Transform Your Vision into Creative Results

“Make your Computer Work for You” means just that!  We’ve been helping our clients since 1998.  Also, our responsive web designs are adaptive to multiple devices.  Call us for a quote!


Plant the seed! Make your computer technology work for you.

Use your technology to create a professional representation of your brand.

Take this professional representation to the web and beyond

We can provide daily, weekly or monthly statistics of your web audiences.

Make Your Computer Work for You!

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